Lame header saying 'sweet header'

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your definition of 'frequently'?

In this context, I think 'zero times' sums it up.

Why is this site so lame?

Style-wise because I am using it as a testing and learning platform. Content-wise because I just need some content and I can come up with this crap all day long.

Why are the colours so stupid?

Because they are based on hex representations of my name (#edd is the awful pink, #ededed is the uninspiring grey).

Why is the domain name 'Weaselmon'?

Seriously, is this a thing you actually want to know? Fine. I was playing Guitar Hero at my cousin's house and needed a save name for my progress. First thing I thought of was 'Weasel Monkey', but I ran out of character space. Then, for lack of inspiration, I used Weaselmon as my user name on the mighty Team Fortress 2. THEN, when I left Web 3D Studio my excellent boss bought me the domain name as a surprise to help me with my new career. Happy you asked now?

What do you do for a living?

Believe it or not, I am a web developer. Yeah, I know, but this is my site so there's nobody to upset.

Who are you anyway?

Ed. If you really want to you can me on Twitter. I am @prevgen, so named for my love of previous generation games. Mainly this is my sweet PS2 (all games ~£1-2 from charity shops) but also board games (Space Hulk 1st edition anyone?).